Juju the GOOD voodoo

a Children's book series

Who is Juju?

Juju the GOOD voodoo...

believes you can be YOU!

on April 2, 2012 Juju's first book "Juju the GOOD voodoo"

was launched online and in local boutiques :)

From New Orleans author and illustrator

Michelle Hirstius comes a charming tale about Juju. 

Down in “da bayou” of Louisiana, we find a voodoo doll

named Juju.  Juju is no ordinary voodoo doll, she happens

to be the one Marie has been looking for. 

This very special doll comes alive with an enchanting

“good deeds” spell in the pages of this delightful fable where we find just the beginning of many adventures. 

Juju is adorable and will enter your hearts as she comes off the pages of this delightful tale.Children and adults will fall in love and enjoy reading the origin of where Juju came from and what she is set out to see and what “good deeds” are to come.  This book lets children learn something known a negative can be positive. Juju is also different and unique and that's OK. You can be YOU!

​In October 2012 Juju set out on her journey in "Juju saves Christmas in da Bayou"... 

We find everyone getting ready for Christmas, Santa leaves to deliver his presents when one of his stops is down in “da bayou” of Louisiana.  Of all things Santa and his reindeer get stuck in the swamp!  Well thank goodness Juju is there to help; she sings out her “good deeds” spell and the gators start to fly in the air.  They quickly pack up Juju’s airboat and fly off to finish delivering presents to all the boy and girls.  Juju saves Christmas day!  It’s a page turner for all ages.  This story also gives you the background and "how" answered to our Louisiana Cajun Santa and those gators flying?

Juju then wanted to teach children something crucial in their learning, their ABCs, so in July 2013...

we have "Juju's NOLA ABCs and Fun Facts" Juju teaches the ABCs the only way she knows how….. the NOLA way!!! It's a wonderful learning tool and great for schools and kids to not only learn their ABCs but also some of New Orleans and Louisiana culture and history!  As we turn through the pages and discover Juju tasting “H”ot Sauce and learning that it is made from the chili pepper plant that has been around over 100,000 years to Juju sitting under a “M”agnolia tree and learning that the Magnolia was declared the Louisiana state flower in 1900…. 
“Juju’s NOLA ABCs and Fun Facts” will be one of those books you want to pass down for generations and save as a keepsake. 


Ever wanted to know where all that delicious Easter candy and Elmer chocolate was really made?! Well in January 2014, we solve the mystery of where the Easter Bunny gets all his wonderful candy and chocolate eggs! In "Juju in Easterland? Who knew" Oh NO! Easter is at a halt the magic recipe scroll is lost!  What will happen if the children don’t get their Easter candy?  Find out in the lovely and imaginative story of how Juju saves Easter.  We learn of a magical and candy filled land where the Easter Bunny and his friends make and gather all the Easter candy including a New Orleans icon Elmer Chocolate!  

                                                Juju leaves on her airboat for what she thinks is just an ordinary day, she has no                                 idea what adventure is ahead of her!  Find out how Juju rescues an adorable                                       puppy and teaches children how they can do "good deeds" at their local animal                                   shelter.  10% of proceeds from this book is donated to the

                                Humane Society of Louisiana!

      Juju has a trick to learning numbers 1 through 20!  She puts a cajun twist to

    an old favorite nursery rhyme we all know.  Like 1....2.... start your roux!  

    There are also plenty of counting exercises too. 

Juju and her friends are out trick or treating until they meet the Cajun legend: The Rougaroo!  The Rougaroo is not nice, he is mean and wants to take their candy.  Juju uses her “good deeds” spell to show him his past, present and future so he can see how his bullying ways affect others.  Does Juju change the way the Rougaroo acts? Find out in this cute Halloween treat.