Juju the GOOD voodoo

a Children's book series

born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana; she calls herself a
“NOLA girl through and through”.  Growing up in New Orleans
is truly unique and there is no other place like it. 
The music, food, art and culture!
​Michelle has a professional background in sales, marketing,
acting and management.  She has been drawing since High School but it has only been a hobby.  Since Katrina, she has been through many struggles trying to rebuild her foundation and career.  Michelle has realized there is no place like home and has gone back to her roots in New Orleans and her passion for drawing.  Doodling one day, symbols of New Orleans, she had an image of a voodoo doll and Michelle instantly fell in love and named her JUJU.   Michelle believes everything happens for a reason and if it wasn’t for her struggles and hard times, Juju would have never been created.  Juju is like Michelle’s “Superbowl” giving her motivation to keep on going.  Michelle is very excited to bring Juju alive and tell her story of how Juju became “Juju the GOOD voodoo” and can’t wait for all her adventures. Most recently she has received an official Certification as an Official Cajun Louisiana Product and a Proclamation of Recognition from the City of New Orleans for her accomplishments with Juju the GOOD voodoo children’s books. Michelle lives in the Greater New Orleans area with her Cairn terrier, Sassy.

Michelle Hirstius