Always Saints season in NOLA!!!  

Color up some "Who Dat" with Juju :)

Right click pic, save Image, 
Will fit on Portrait 8.5x11 paper, print and Color up some fun :)

Juju Valentine Cards

Right click pic, save Image, 

Grab some cardstock paper

Will fit on landscape 8.5x11,

print, cut and

give to your friends :)

Free Juju Stuff

Juju the GOOD voodoo

a Children's book series

Juju is ready for Halloween, r u?  

right click pic, save image, will fit on portrait 8.5X11 paper, print and color up some spooky fun :)

Juju Door hangers to let the children in the neighborhood no if your children can come out and play instead of the door bell ringing all the time.

​Right Click pic, save image, grab some cardstock paper, will fit on potrait 8.5x11, print, cut and hang

optional to get laminated but they would last longer :)